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How the best mole removal, best skin tags removal red spots on skin removal, spider veins removal are done?

Laura the Brow Queen at Dallas TX location uses same concept for skin tags removal, moles removal, spider veins treatment, as for red spots of skin, red moles, or red dots on skin.  The procedure  causes damage to its root effectively killing and destroying the abnormal growth without damaging the surrounding tissues. In other words, it stops the blood supplies from flowing to specific area.

                                                                 Mole removal on nose
                                                            Before mole removal
                                                 After one treatment of mole removal Dallas TX

                                                        Huge mole removal on nose
                                     Cassie Wild's Story
I'm 26 now and what started as a tiny freckle on the side of my nose when I was 8 grew and grew into a huge chickpea sized mole 1/2 inch round. It kept me from being able to wear my glasses, see properly out of my eye and not to mention whittled away at my self esteem throughout the years. I tried to get it removed many times since I was 16 and I was always told 'No'. 'It's too dangerous'. 'The scar will be worse'. 'Sorry I won't or can't help you'. My final hope, a plastic surgeon that specialized in mole removal, after seeing my pictures told me he wouldn't do it either, I needed to go to a reconstructive plastic surgeon, and it would only cost me $2000 with insurance. Needless to say, I was very sad and completely about to give up on the mole removal and just learn to live with it.

That's when I found Laura's website. I looked at the pictures and read about other stories and hope began to flicker again. It was awesome to have hope again and so soon. I was a little trepidatious at first because I had no idea what the procedure entailed, if it would hurt or even if it would work. When I met with her she was nervous to take on my mole because of its size and location but her mothering and caring personality just could not watch me walk away with such sadness about yet again not being able to remove this thing - mole that had been an ugly black cloud hanging over me. She put me at ease immediately and the procedure itself was pretty painless, very quick and so so affordable. 

 In one thirty minute best mole removal session I was done with round one, I had really been nervous for nothing. As the days passed I began to notice changes. The mole was drying out and detaching and healthy flat skin was forming beneath it. I was a total mess but in such a good way. I cried tears of utter joy for 3 days. I was thrilled. I couldn't wait to send Laura my progress photos! In a total of 3 weeks, still only having had that one 30 minute mole remvoal session, my mole was GONE. All that was left was a little pink flat scar which is already fading! Family and friends couldn't believe the transformation. I felt an even larger transformation in myself. I was smiling more, I stopped wearing my bangs down in my face to try and hide my mole. I stopped avoiding eye contact and my self confidence had sky rocketed. I got my hair done, started dressing up and wearing heels again!
After 3 weeks of my best mole removal session, I went back and got 3 more small moles taken care of in a little less than 30 minutes and know the results will be just as amazing. I have recommended Laura the Brow Queen to anyone and everyone! I just know if you have any kind of skin ailment that makes you uncomfortable or self conscience you really should let Laura take care of you. She is an amazing person and does amazing work and because of her I am happier than I have been in so long. I feel like for the first time in many years people are actually seeing me and not the big ugly growth that was planted on the side of my face!

Thank you Laura!! 

                                 Cassie Wild - Huge bloody mole removal on nose - Dallas Texas

           Big mole 1/2 inch round                                    3 weeks after one mole removal treatment

                                                    few months after mole removal on nose


                            Milia on inner lid                                       after treatment - Milia is removed

        Big raised dark mole on face                                10 days after colored mole removal treatment

              Big Bloody Mole removal on upper lip                  flat after one mole removal reatment - 3 weeks after
                                                                                                                            still healing
                                                                                                                Will fade and disappear
For forty years, I have had a mole on my face. Often, this has left me self-conscience. It was a beauty mark that both my mother and grandmother had too. Over the past year, I thought ..... is this mole getter a little larger each month? I mentioned it to my dermatologist who wrote me off and said "not at all". During a recent visit to Laura, the Brow Queen, I asked her....tell me the truth - has my mole significantly increased in size? Immediately, she responded - yes! I trusted Laura to be honest, and as always, she was. Finally! I was not crazy after all. I mentioned to her that I was ready to remove the mole. She knew this was not an easy decision for me, as it was my birth given beauty mark. But the mole had also become very sensitive. When a hair appeared and I plucked it, the mole would bleed for hours. With skill and patience, Laura removed the mole and I am so pleased with the results. After one mole removal session,  the mole has healed to a flat surface and is less visible. So when you're ready, call Laura

                                                   Various mole removal treatment on face
          big mole removal       after one treatment         big mole on nose     after one mole removal visit
                           moles removal on scalp           2 moles on face    after one moles removal treatment
Benign - Non cancerous Moles Removal
Mole are still healing!  Only one mole removal treatment !
Bloody mole on tip of nose - Dallas TX
 Cherry Angioma / red mole/ blood mole / bloody tumor / right after one treatment 
        Very large pore on skin forehead                  Right after one treatment - Totally closed
                                     Sebaceous hyperplasia on temple area before treatment           Kay J        
                                                                     5 weeks after one treatment
             Sebaceous hyperplasia on face before                                after 5 weeks  -  Kay J

              Sebaceous hyperplasia on face before                          after 5 weeks -      Kay J

I am 57 years young, but my skin was looking at least that old or older. Over recent years, I had noticed that the skin on my face was covered with small white bumps, some flat and some raised, and I assumed they were whiteheads. I had tried to remove them myself, but there were so many that I discontinued my efforts.

About two months ago I decided to try some electrolysis/permanent hair removal. I got online and saw a website on google for “Laura the Brow Queen”! Catchy, I thought, and close to my home so I called. Laura was delightful and I made my appointment. While I was there, she mentioned that the bumps on my skin were not actually “whiteheads,” rather they were a skin condition called sebaceous hyperplasia.

She told me that she could help. I permitted her to work her magic. The next day I looked at my face and panicked! It was scabby and looked scarred.  After calling her, she calmly said it would be Okay, and to give it some time and trust her.

I’m so glad that I did! It has been 4 weeks since the procedure and the Nouvelle Beauté skin care product regimen she suggested for me to use.  My face is not only clearing, but my skin looks younger and feels softer than it has in years.  Currently, Laura and I are working together to reduce the sun spots and wrinkles on my face and the (white hard bumps) under my eyes, by using her skin rejuvenation systems.

Thank you, Laura the Brow Queen - Dallas Texas

Kay J

                               Big raised moles on face   two weeks after one mole removal treatment -
                                                                                                          still healing

I've had moles on my face for as long as I can remember. I had always heard that it cost a lot to have them removed by laser treatment and that it would be painful and would cause deep scars.  I also had a hanging skin tag under my arm that caught on my tank tops a lot and was irritated and aggravated most of the time. In just 15 minutes, and very little pain, they were on their way to being gone forever! The areas (where the mole removal done) they were, healed very quickly, and no scars, only took 2 weeks. It was worth every penny which did not cost much, very affordable and I am very happy with the results! Thanks Laura!

Severe Cherry Angiomas / blood leaks and  Spider veins treatment / broken capillaries or telangiectasia (tel·an·gi·ec·ta·sia) :  Chronic dilation of groups of capillaries causing elevated dark red and blue blotches on the skin.

   severe blood leaks & spider veins-2 treatments                    spider veins                  after one treatment 
                                           spider veins next to nose      after one spider veins treatment


                                   Spider veins removal  -   Spider Veins on Legs - Dallas TX location


                                             Right after one spider vein removal treatment

                                                                    Right after spider vein removal


                   Pictures of cherry angiomas / blood leaks / blood spots on skin / spider angiomas
    Red spot on skin Cherry angiomas / blood spots on stomach      Facial broken capillaries-Spider veins
                                                                                                          vein eraser on nose - spider veins removal
They are also described as cherry angiomas, spider angiomas, blood spots on skin A benign skin lesion consisting of dense, usually elevated masses of dilated blood vessels.                             

                                                    Facial and neck skin tags 
                                      How to remove skin tags                                           Skin tags on neck   
The technique of how to remove skin tags  is describing the non painful burning of the the skin tags/moles in order to stop the blood supply to destroy and remove the undesired growth.                                     

When a doctor remove skin tags is usually not covered by medical insurance because it is considered an elective/cosmetic procedure. 

But what causes skin tags? Skin tags are very common benign hereditary or caused by friction on the thigh area or neck area, but these are non cancerous tumor/growth. The most common reason for tags removal is cosmetic. People simply do not like the unsightly appearance of skin tags. The second reason is irritation

    Skin tag / mole filled with blood in chest area     2 weeks after one mole removal treatment

Removing skin tags or removing moles Dallas TX;
If you are an individual that has moles or skin tags, you know that they tend to grow larger. Skin tags tend to multiply at every turn. Often, this has left me self-conscience. While dermatologists can be so expensive and insurance will not cover costs unless they test positive as cancerous, I have sought for the right solution for the past year. When I consulted with Laura, she evaluated a large mole and let me know that it had increased in size due to blood/fluids underneath the outer layer of the mole. We discussed her state-of-the-art technology, healing time and expected results. Laura understood that I did not take this mole removal lightly. So she advised that I absorb the information and call her when I was ready to schedule an appt. The mole had also become very sensitive. When I accidentally rub the mole would bleed for hours. With skill and patience, Laura removed the mole effectively and pain-free. I am so pleased with the results. The mole has healed to a flat surface and is less visible. She even took before and after pictures, which tell a great story. Thank you Laura!

            Benign non-cancerous non-malignant mole & skin tags removal
            Blood leaks – blood spots on skin - cherry angioma removal 
               Red Dots on Skin, Red spot on skin Red moles on face, Red
                 dots on skin, Broken capillaries on Face - spider veins on face
                                             Spider veins on Legs
                            telangiectasia treatments / vein eraser
                                                 Dallas, TX

Q.  Can I go to work immediately?
A.  Yes!  This is a lunch time appointment. No downtime.  You may resume normal work
      after the  appointment,
 however no strenuous activities for about 24 hours.

Q. What Causes Skin Tags on Skin?
Family history, rubbing.

Q.  Will skin tag removal with this procedure really work?
Absolutely!   A dermatologist once refused to remove one of my client's moles because
     of deep scarring. 
Therefore, although skeptical, she found me. I removed her moles, spider
     veins / broken capillaries. Did I mention how happy she  was with the result?

Q.  How do I prepare for skin tag removal if I have treatment on my face? Such as:
       Skin tags removal, spider veins on legs, spider veins on face, red dots on skin, red moles
       on   skin
  Do not tan your face for one week before the treatment, the sun and tanning beds will
      make your skin more sensitive to the treatment.
Q.  What should I do after the removing skin tags removal treatment? or any other treatment such
       as spider veins treatment, red dots on kin, red spot on skin, red moles, spider veins on face.
  I suggest for you to use the special formula Nouvelle Beaute’s moisturizer and arnica
     facial wash.  Also use an anti-itch ointment or antibiotic ointment if needed.

You also need to do the following:
      No tanning one week AFTER treatment
      Do no apply heavy makeup as it will disturb the treatment sites, if instructed by me.
      No sauna or hot tub
      Wear sun block and hat for at least two weeks whenever you are exposed to the sun
      No scratching or peeling of scabs that may occur to prevent scars.

Q.  How long does the mole removal last? How much does cherry angiomas
     treatment, non cancerous moles removal, blood leaks on skin removal, spider
     mole removal, skin tags removal cost?
  Most appointments last approximately 15 minutes.  However, it does depend on the
     treatment area.

Q.  Does removing mole on face, skin tags on skin, red spot on skin, cherry
       angioma, spider veins removal or red moles removal leave scars?
A.  No!
 Please refer to the photos above.

Q.  Is there any guarantee for certain results?
.  There is NO guarantee! Improvements may vary from person to person.   You will be so
and satisfied with the result! 

Q.  Will I see immediate results?
  If we treat:
Cherry angiomas on skin / blood leaks on skin / red small spots on skin / small dilated blood vessels:
YES!   You will see them disappear right in front of your eyes.  If the aforementioned are large and thick, they
will disappear and dissolve but a temporary mark may remain which should be gone in  few days. 

Non-cancerous red moles, Moles on skin
No!  It will take about 1-2 weeks to diminish and flattened.  Some moles will scab in the first few days but completely heal.

Skin tags removal, skin tags on legs or between thighs or between legs  / extra hanging skin:
Yes!  Most skin tags do not contain blood and will vanish immediately. However, if the roots of the skin tags are too close to the surface of the skin or full of blood, it will take up to a week to fall.

Spider veins/broken capillaries/dilated blood vessels/telangiectasia:
Yes!  Small red veins will disappear right in front of your eyes.  The deeper veins may need more than one treatment to completely disappear.

Q.  Do you help treat varicose veins?
  No!  You should consult your physician when dealing with varicose veins.

Q.  Are the procedures painful?  What side effect that might happened after the
.  This is a non-invasive procedure there is usually little pain to no pain at all.  However,
and/or mild swelling at or near the treatment site may occur but will go away  
      in a few hours and may feel tender for a few days.  On the contrary, laser
      treatment hurts and require time at home and very expensive. 

Scabs that may develop are very important to the healing process and it is very important not to scratch the scabs or scarring and/or pitting of the skin may occur.  I will also discuss what you should use after the treatment at home

Q.  Is a pain killer suggested before the scar removal treatments?
  Everyone is different.  Pain killers are not needed, but you may take Advil or Tylenol if you are
      uncomfortable.However in some cases I will use numbing cream before the scar removal treatment
      if it is needed.
Q.  Are the results permanent?
A.  Yes!  Whatever has been treated will not reappear.  However broken blood vessels are
     very common around the nose and cheeks due to several factors but are not limited to:

      Aging process
      Inflammation from UV radiation from the sun exposure-especially to those with thin 
      Blowing your nose, rubbing, scratching
      Trauma that happens closer to the skin surface
      Using oral contraceptives
      Estrogen therapy

Moles and skin tags are also hereditary so your body can develop more.  No
     warranty or guarantee of a result in any sort.  No one can predict what the result will
     be for each individual.  We will do our best, but it is done at your own risk.
     Laura the Brow Queen Inc. assumes no liability for scars or any other condition
     resulting from the treatments. 

   Photos will be taken before and after treatment and might be posted on Laura's website